Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Amore Artisan Boutique opens with a bang!

Bonjour, to all my sweet patient friends and new friends I meet along my journey. As most of you know I have had a dream to have my own store, I thought it was a dream I would never have in this lifetime. Well God (and mom when she went to heaven last year, I am sure she was behind this) had a different plan for me and made my dream come true! I lost my job last October due to no reason other than it must have been God’s plan. I have worked since I was 12 babysitting then when I turned 16 I entered the medical field and until last October have always had a job, being 57 I was very scared as to my future and if I would get a job or not , as you know it is a tough time for many in this economy. I went on unemployment and was put into a program with schooling and a personal advisor to help me start my own business, it has been a very exciting time for me and I am thankful for the teacher I choose as he is wonderful along with the support I receive from the other students in the class.

I had a friend who owned a store and rented a space on Proctor Street in Tacoma, she decided to close her doors on December 31, 2011 and this is where my new journey starts. I was able with the help of my teacher to write a business proposal and get her spot to lease. I have several local artists on consignment in my store and bring in new artists almost daily. This is so much fun as I love to meet people and help them; I am such a social butterfly.

I am just now getting to a point where I am able to post to my store’s Blog. FB and soon will have items on my website it has been a lot of 18 – 20 hour days getting set up and ready to open, then Valentine’s day hit and was a great success J.
Please enjoy my pictures from begining to end:

I hope you will like my FB page and visit my blog often as I grow and make changes.

Thanks to all of you who have stood behind me and supported me as I enter into a new journey in life.
au revoir